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Weekly County Update 9/6/2019

Well, we missed the destruction of Hurricane Dorian and the Bulldawgs won so it was a pretty decent week. While I enjoy the holiday (Labor Day) it really does seem to mess the week up.

Peanuts: Maturity check still going on. Mondays at Tift Peanut Plant 2, Wednesdays at Omega Farm Supply, and Fridays at Chula Peanut. We have some people already digging and some getting ready to dig. White mold has pushed a few peanuts forward but for the most part, late April-Early May plantings are hanging around the 135-day range. Early Aprils are still pushing above 140. This is just an overview, each field is different in its own way.

Cotton: Boll rot is starting to become a problem. We knew we had a little along and along but it’s getting worse in a few places. Some defoliation is going on and I’m expecting it to pick up next week. That’s about all I know, I didn’t look at a lot of cotton this week.

Vegetables: This is no news but whiteflies are everywhere. Heavy in squash with a good bit of silver leafing. Surprisingly no leaf crumple yet. I’m amazed at that given the heavy whitefly pressure but we’ll take it. Zucchini is looking good too.

If you get bored on Saturday we will be having our annual goat and lamb show at the barn behind the Extension Office. Stop by and support the Tift County Livestock Show Team. Don’t forget that if you want a forage sample I have a discounted rate for you if you fill out a quick survey about your hay or silage. Also, Bulldawgs should have an easy one against Murray State this weekend; maybe Georgia won’t screw it up.

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