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Weekly County Update 8/30/2019

Peanuts: We started checking maturity this week. Early planted April peanuts seemed to be right on target for O6s (140-144 days). Late April planted peanuts seemed a little ahead (134-137 days). The peanuts below were planted in early April and were currently 134 days old. In 10 days those yellow peanuts will mature into the orange/brown group and should grade pretty nice. This is a great example of a field that was well irrigated as it shows good uniformity. I have tried everything I know to do to fix the blurry picture. I guess it’s just blurry.

Cotton: Several cotton fields are very close to defoliation. There are a few that should be done this week. Don’t let this sudden little bit of rain and regrowth fool you. If you are cracking bolls and majority of your fruit set is in the middle to lower part of the plant, the regrowth is nothing and should be controlled with some Dropp. If you haven’t cracked any bolls yet you still need to consider whitefly management. They are still feeding on the younger tender cotton leaves. Knack or Courier are to be used before whiteflies get out of control.

Vegetables: Starting to see some spider mites and a few flea beetles in eggplant. Seeing a touch of silver leaf in squash, no leaf crumple yet. Zucchini looks good. Peppers looked really good. Whiteflies are everywhere I go.

Bulldawgs are at Vandy Saturday night!! Go Dawgs!!