During in-school 4-H Club Meetings in Tattnall County, sixth grade students learn a lot about water and its properties. For the March in-school club meeting, the students should have learned about Aquifers. Since we were unable to hold those meetings in person, we wanted to share that information and our delicious activity with you all today. Below are two important videos for students to watch.

To begin today’s challenge, everyone should watch the educational video that will help teach students some of the important aspects of how aquifers are formed and how they function.

The second video (below) shares an exciting activity called “Edible Aquifers”. This activity is a yummy way to have students of many ages model how an aquifer is structured. If you don’t have the exact materials on hand, you can always substitute with a similar kitchen item.

Want to see the lesson in writing? You can download a similar lesson plan by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality.

If you want to learn more about water, check out the online virtual learning lab at DiscoverWater.org. We hope you will also share with us your Edible Aquifer pictures on social media with the hashtags #tattnall4h and #4HSTEMulatingLearning. For more information about water-related educational resources, contact Rebekah Greene at rbowen1@uga.edu.