• When my little girl turned one she seemed to be having the worst skin issues. We would give her bleach baths, changed our detergent and a ton of other stuff to help. Finally, the doctors told us that she was having reactions to certain foods that caused her to have eczema. We narrowed down a […]

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  • What is a GMO

    As the year starts to wind down many of us are going to be traveling. Everyone needs to get to mom’s house or grandmas for their big Christmas dinner. This is a blessed time of year where we devote time to friends, family and food. Since all of us will be enjoying lots of different […]

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  • This time of year is really important to our farmers and processors here in Seminole County. Our growers have invested thousands of hours and dollars in their crops for this moment. The peanut harvest brings not only a financial relief but also a mental one, knowing that it is finally over for the year. The […]

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  • Pruning Fruit Trees

    Cotton and peanuts crops have placed Seminole apart from a majority of the state from an agricultural stand point. Corn and soybeans and small grains can also be easily found across the county. This variety is not the norm across the state or country. Among the many crops we can produce here, fruit trees are […]

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  • Here in Seminole county, cotton is king, second only to peanuts. We are fortunate enough to have a local cotton gin, farmers with multiple generations of experience and good ground for the crop. No doubt that it has helped our local economy and shaped the culture of Seminole County. In school we learn about the […]

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  • The Truth About Organics

    It must have been a week or two ago, that I came home and saw my wife had purchased some organic bananas. I asked why she made the switch and she mentioned they were the only ones on sale that day. It looked and tasted like a regular banana. It did not seem so special […]

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  • What Are Nematodes?

    Many of us can know of and can identify several agriculture pests. I’d venture to say that a majority of folks in this area know that a fall army worm is bad news for everyone. Or that stink bugs damage many different kinds of garden and commercial crops. And many farmers can identify thrips damage […]

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  • Fall Garden Prep

    To me and my family, there are few things more satisfying than harvesting food from our own garden. My little girl loves to walk through the garden and tell me what plants are her favorite. Granted she gets them mixed up sometimes, I can’t bring myself to correct her yet. My wife and I enjoy […]

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  • One thing I really enjoy on a nice weekend drive is to see all the Seminole County countryside. There are so many different crops growing at once and almost none of them look the same. My little girl is getting to the age where she loves to tell me what a crop or animal is […]

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