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Information on Disaster Assistance Programs

Information on Disaster Assistance Programs Adam N. Rabinowitz Assistant Professor and Extension Economist Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of Georgia   Hurricane Michael ripped through the heart of Georgia agriculture, devastating the southwest region and destroying a significant amount of our farmers’ hard work.  While government programs can…
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Cotton Defoliation Considerations for 2018 (Freeman and Whitaker)

Most of our early planted cotton is quickly approaching (and has approached in some areas) time for defoliation. Cotton defoliation tends to be one of the most important aspects of cotton production each year. Timing and product selection are two of the more critical components regarding defoliation and confusion occurs not only by the thousands of tank mix concoctions but also the differences in personalities of growers with some wanting to pull the trigger too early and some wanting to wait on the very last boll to crack.
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#4Hcleanup River Pollution Tracking Project

#4Hcleanup —-Jeff Davis County and Montgomery County 4-H members learn about river ecosystems and water pollution. Getting involved in a real life pollution tracking project by making buoys to release into the river. HELP US FIND THEM  so they can see how far they have gone.
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Foliar Feeding Cotton

Jennifer and I have been getting questions about foliar feeding cotton. Below are some general guidelines and rules of thumb to follow as you use foliar fertilizer to help you finish the season. Foliar Feeding General Guidelines: Supplement to a Good Soil Applied Program Not all Nutrients Feed Well Low Volume -Not Pivots Don’t feed…
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