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As growers finish harvest they will dive into soil sampling for the 2023 crop season. Last week the UGA Precision Ag team posted a great article on grid sampling size. You can find it here: https://site.extension.uga.edu/precisionag/2022/11/precision-soil-sampling-grid-size-efficacy-vs-cost-considerations/

Many growers use a consultant or service for soil sampling. If you don’t, and would still like to be able to create a soil map; now you can do your own and submit through our UGA lab. The instructions for our AES Lab Soil Test Mapping Program can be found here: https://aesl.ces.uga.edu/soilmapping/files/Soil%20Mapping%20Program%20Overview.pdf

Whether you do precision sampling, or farm by farm management zones, is up to you. As long as you are pulling samples of some kind, you can save yourself money and guesswork when spring fertilization rolls around. If you have any questions on this process, or soil sampling in general, reach out to your local UGA Extension Agent.