UGA Pecan Extension

Leaf Scorch on Young Trees

I’ve had a lot of calls over the last few weeks regarding leaf scorching on young trees. This is a topic I have written and talked about quite a bit over the last few years. See the following links for details from previous posts:¬† While there are a number of…
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Pro Gibb Applications for Black Aphid

Black aphid nymphs and feeding damage For those battling black aphids and considering using Pro Gibb to prevent the damage caused by this insect, applications should begin in mid July and continue for a total of 3-4 sprays. Pro Gibb prevents the development of chlorotic areas caused by black aphid…
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Managing Scab Pressure/Leaf Roll Mites

With 10 successive days of rain behind us and no relief in site and a potential tropical storm bearing down on us, pecan growers are under the gun for scab pressure right now. Most days have provided some breaks in the rain showers that have allowed growers to get out…
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