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Insect Update: Bud Moth

We are in the first stages of pecan budmoth infestation. Last year was a very bad year for budmoth. We are seeing initial signs of infestation on young trees (generally 1—3 years old) as of the first week of April. Identifying budmoth at this time of the year is not…
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INSECT UPDATE: Ambrosia Beetles

This is just a timely reminder to be watchful for ambrosia beetles especially if you have young trees. If you have older trees (>5 yrs old) that were subjected to any stress-inducing factors such as flooding, diseases, root damage, spading, etc., monitor for potential ambrosia beetle attacks on them as…
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Tree Planting Video

I’ve had lots of requests for a video on planting pecan trees, so here it is: Pecan Tree Planting video A few comments: I apologize for the short amount of time some of the text appears on the screen. This is a result of my poor video editing skills. But,…
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