This is just a timely reminder to be watchful for ambrosia beetles especially if you have young trees. If you have older trees (>5 yrs old) that were subjected to any stress-inducing factors such as flooding, diseases, root damage, spading, etc., monitor for potential ambrosia beetle attacks on them as well.

To know more about these beetles, check out our comprehensive post last year.

Below is the trap you can use for monitoring ambrosia beetles:

We have log traps out since last week at Cook Co but beetle activity has not been detected as of Feb 10 at this location. However, we anticipate beetles to become active with the 70°F+ temperatures predicted in the next coming days.

UPDATE: Beetles are out! We had an average of 13 hits per log trap last Feb 14!!!

In connection with this, we are conducting a survey on the impacts of ambrosia beetles on different production systems including pecans in Georgia. It only has 15 questions, we would greatly appreciate it if you could fill up this survey.

Thank you very much!