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Herbicide Strip Applications

Its time to burn down those herbicide strips in pecan orchards in preparation for the growing season. There are many combinations of herbicide applications you could use. Here are a few for trees of different ages: Trees 1-2 Yrs: At budbreak: Glufosinate + Prowl May/June: Glufosinate or Glyphosate or Paraquat…
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Ambrosia Beetle Emergence 2018

Asian Ambrosia Beetle Attack on Young Tree Trunk We have had our first report of ambrosia beetle emergence in a Brooks County orchard at the end of last week. With warm temperatures expected through the next 7-10 days, ambrosia beetle activity is likely to pick up. Young, stressed trees, particularly…
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What Pollinator Should You Plant?

A couple of years ago I posted a short discussion of why pecans need a pollinator, which I suggest reading if you doubt the need of pollinators. I get many questions about the best pollinator to choose for our commonly planted varieties. I usually point people to the pollination chart…
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Storing Pecans

I have had a request to share information on storing pecans, so here you go: The 2 key factors affecting storage of pecans are moisture and temperature. Drying Large lots of nuts should be dried with a mechanical drier, usually in harvest wagons designed for this purpose. Heated air is…
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Pruning Young Pecan Tree Videos

This time of year I am swamped with requests to do pruning clinics and make orchard visits to show growers how to prune pecan trees. With all the young trees planted in our state, there is quite a demand for this. Since I can’t be everywhere at once, perhaps these…
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