• Peanut Pest Update: June 19

    There is some insect activity in GA peanut fields this week, and growers need to be watching

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  • Thrips Damage Images 2014

    The following pictures  are of peanuts from untreated plots (no insecticide) in a trial planted on 8 May in Tift County.

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  • Thrips Monitoring: June 5-11

    Tobacco thrips dispersal dropped to nearly nothing over the past seven days indicating the end of the 4th generation flight. There are still

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  • Thrips Monitoring: May 29-4 June

    It is not hard to find tobacco thrips in peanuts right now. We have seen adult thrips in the crop for a couple weeks, and immature stages are present now as well. Adult numbers on the yellow sticky traps

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  • Thrips Monitoring: May 22-28

    Thrips have been moving over the last week, and trap numbers did reflect the increased activity. In terms of actual thrips pressure in peanut, we are seeing a lot of variation from field to field in our research trials.

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  • Thrips Monitoring: May 15-21

    The tobacco thrips dispersal model predicted a fourth generation flight beginning around 18 May for the Tift County area, and it looks like that might be pretty close.  While the number of tobacco thrips on our yellow sticky traps remained low over the last seven days, we are seeing adults in our untreated peanut research…

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  • Thrips Monitoring: May 8-14

    This week’s tobacco thrips numbers are up slightly compared to last week. The NC State thrips dispersal model predicts that the fourth generation of tobacco thrips will occur around 18 May in Tift County. The numbers of “other” thrips are up on the traps and range from less than 10 to over 240 per trap…

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  • Tobacco thrips numbers dropped this week compared to the previous week. With peanut planting going into high gear, we will be seeing a lot of fields with seedling plants in the near future. Growers are reminded to keep an eye on thrips populations in their fields.

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  • Thrips Monitoring: April 23-30

    Thrips captures on yellow sticky traps remain relatively low, though numbers are up from previous weeks. Based on a thrips dispersal prediction  model developed at NC State University, these adults are probably from the third generation. Spring 2014 weather is looking a lot like last year, and we need to be aware that a large…

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