2014 thrips monitoring locations.
2015 thrips monitoring locations

The UGA Peanut Entomology Program is monitoring thrips flight activity again in 2015. Four thrips traps were placed in each of six south Georgia counties on 13 March. Traps are collected and replaced every Friday, and catch data will be posted to this blog weekly. Traps are located in Brooks, Colquitt, Decatur, Mitchell, Tift, and Worth Counties.

Tobacco thrips numbers have been low on the traps at all locations through 3 April, but the insects have been present on all sample dates. In 2014 no tobacco thrips were collected until 9 April.

Rapidly warming soil temperatures over the last few days will have growers chomping at the bit to plant peanuts. We need to remember that there is an increased risk for Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus when peanuts are planted before 10 May. This does not mean that we should not plant any peanuts in April, but over doing it could come back to bite us.

Thrips graph 4.3.15

These data are being provided for informational purposes only and may not be representative of thrips dispersal at your location. Peanut fields should be scouted regularly to quantify actual thrips populations.

If you have questions about thrips or thrips management please contact your local county Extension agent.