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Resources for GA MGEVs

Volunteers help community members THRIVE by teaching them how to use plants and gardening to improve their environment, personal health and quality of life. As citizens actively working in the community through the MGEV Program supported by UGA Extension, MGEVs are education partners with UGA Extension. They have the energy and passion as well as experiences, talents, skills, and community connections to carry out successful programming and projects. Here’s a couple examples of how Master Gardeners used their volunteering spirit and skills to help Coweta and DeKalb communities thrive in 2022:

the fruit of PawPaw (Asimina triloba), a native edible

“Patty handles many volunteer aspects of our program since becoming a MGEV in 2018. She coordinates our MGEV Help Desk (virtual & in-person), helps with social media, acts as the point of contact for continuing education opportunities, serves on the MGEV course committee, makes sure volunteer hours are recorded and this year is serving as president!”

Thank you, Patty Ellis, Coweta County MGEV!

“Kim assisted in creating materials for and presenting a community class on native edible plants. She was key in helping prepare information and provided valuable input in the class.”

Thank you, Kim Hansen, DeKalb County MGEV!

Georgia MGEVs average about an hour and a half per week in support of Extension and educational projects. This is like adding more than 75 more people to the Extension team. Because of this service, Extension is able to help so many more people that if we didn’t have MGEVs! Truly, Georgia communities THRIVE because of MGEVs.