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Resources for GA MGEVs

Master Gardener Extension Volunteers shine bright! Let’s highlight a few volunteers who have really shined this past year and exhibited exceptional volunteerism. It is the volunteering spirit of GA MGEVs that enables us to cultivate an environment for our communities to THRIVE!

“Dolores hit the ground running and earned a Rising Star Award with Gwinnett Extension her first year! Dolores became a Master Gardener in 2021 and has poured herself into creating a seed saving/seed swap program within the Gwinnett library system. She is currently working with eight libraries, and more wanting to join her list! Her events routinely drawn in 50-100 participants each time! Dolores is a dynamo and volunteers many other places in the community, but we like to think that her heart lies with the Master Gardener program here in Gwinnett.”

Thank you, Dolores Stewart, Gwinnett County MGEV!

“Rich is the project coordinator for the extremely successful Fulton County Master Gardener partnership with Atlanta Habitat for Humanity. He and other Master Gardeners have worked with hundreds of future homeowners educating them about the landscaping of their future homes.”

Thank you, Rich Sussman, Fulton County MGEV!

“Cathy can be found volunteering for any and all projects, but she spearheaded a project called “Project Facelift” which updated the Coweta Extension landscape. She also coordinated the installation of our pollinator garden. She contributes hundreds of hours annually to our volunteer program.”

Thank you, Cathy LeBar, Coweta County MGEV!

These MGEVs capture the spirit and energy of Extension Master Gardeners — so enthusiastic and ready to help others learn about plants and improve their gardens. Extension is not the same without you, Master Gardeners! Thank you for partnering with us to share consumer horticulture with our communities!