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Resources for GA MGEVs

All year, we’ve been encouraging MGEVs to prepare research-based articles about gardening topics for sharing in local newspapers, webpages, and social media accounts. We have been offering regular articles in a monthly format, addressing timely care of woody ornamentals, turf, vegetables and fruits, as well as annuals and perennials. You may have seen our “Things to Do in the Garden” series right here on Trellis, such as:

As we head into the fall, we are beginning to prepare for the next year. (I know, right??? Feels kind of like walking into the retail stores and seeing holiday lights and decorations already!)

We would like to know if these articles are helpful to you. Are you using them? If you are using them, how are you using them? Are you sending them to newspapers? posting on blogs? resharing on social media? How often? Do you use the articles directly or do you write additional material? Do you use our photos? We have lots of questions!!

If you are using these Trellis posts to create content for your audiences, would you drop us a line (masterg@uga.edu) and tell us about it? We sure would appreciate knowing if this is helpful to you or if you have any constructive feedback. If you have distribution numbers, it’s even better!

Thanks so much!

Happy Gardening!

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