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MGEVs, are you part of the media team in your local program? Do you write articles for local newspapers? your office blogs or websites? contribute to your county Extension’s social media sites? If so, then this post is for you!  

You might use this list as a source of article ideas to cover more in depth. You might want to re-post to your county blog site to share with people in your county. As with any of our written materials, please share with your Extension agent first prior to publishing! 

By mid-August, turf care begins to shift. Warm-season turfgrass is nearing the close of its establishment window, while it’s too early yet for establishing cool season turf. 

  • Split applications of fertilizer for warm-season turf continues through October, but it’s too early yet for fertilizing cool season turf. 
  • Continue to monitor for diseases, such as brown patch, dollar spot, or Pythium blight, affecting both cool- and warm-season turfgrasses. 
  • Insect activity may still be high. Monitor frequently for pests, such as chinch bugs, mole crickets, sod webworms, or grubs. 
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