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MGEVs are Extraordinary People


I was asked to share some of my comments from yesterday’s MGEV Appreciation Picnic at UGA’s Research&Education Garden. Enjoy!


MGEVs are extraordinary people in my book. They understand the importance of horticulture and gardening to everyday life. They are motivated to do something in and for their communities through volunteer service. You put that together and you have a truly “super volunteer” – one who is committed in a big way for the long term. That is why we have volunteers who serve 10, 15, 20 years or longer, contributing hundreds and even thousands of hours each year. I think MGEVS “GROW COMMUNITY” in a rather lovely way, don’t you?

  • The plant you plant make spaces brighter and more beautiful.
  • The tree you plant shades and cools our communities.
  • The vegetables you show others to grow nurture bodies.
  • The landscapes you guide create spaces in which neighbors come together.
  • The solutions you provide reduce frustration and build confidence.
  • The children you inspire carry our horticultural legacy to the next generation.

Master Gardeners, thank you for partnering with UGA Extension. You are a mission-critical component of our success in extending research-based information to our communities!


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