Engaging Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteers in meaningful discussion about volunteering, outreach and community.

Can we say “thank you” again and again?

Plant clinic shifts, presentations at libraries, speaking to students in classrooms, processing soil samples, preparing garden samples to send to specialists, writing newspaper columns, advising new homeowners how to take care of their landscape, answering the phone, leading garden tours, maintaining demonstration gardens, replacing garden signage, communicating with potential partners and stakeholders, and more… the list of services that MGEVs extend on behalf of Extension is staggering.

MGEVs, you are are an essential part of Extension’s research-based education plan for Georgia communities. Thank you for contributing to all kinds of projects, including those that benefit the local community as well as those that broadly benefit UGA, Extension, and the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. Without your assistance it would be difficult to deliver the level of quality programming that occurs. The energy, talents, skills, and knowledge of MGEVS are vital to the success of these projects!

As a result of educational activities offered by MGEVs, Georgians are able to make environmentally sound gardening decisions. Because MGEVs work with Georgians to answer questions and solve problems, insects and diseases can be treated with appropriate controls, plant choices can be made to enhance landscapes and property values, individuals can grow their own fruits and vegetables, and youth gain exposure to the joy and wonder of gardening. As a result of MGEV efforts, agents are able to devote time to developing targeted educational programs that address local issues and needs. MGEVs ultimately help Extension achieve its mission of helping Georgians become healthier, more productive, financially independent and environmentally responsible.

MGEVs in Cherokee County were treated to an extra-special cake thanking them for their service to and support of UGA Extension.

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Sheri is the State Coordinator for the Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program and Extension Specialist for Consumer Ornamentals. When she is not traveling about the state of Georgia admiring the work of Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteers, she spends time in her own (real and virtual) gardens.