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Thank you for a welcoming entrance!

shared by Julie Aring, Coordinator for Clayton County’s Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program

Because MGEVs are knowledgeable and creative volunteers, Extension can put its research-based information out there to greet the public. Connie McDonald and Colleen Ammons, MGEVs in Clayton County, have been making the Extension office a welcoming place for eight years.  Every quarter, Connie and Colleen update the front entrance bulletin board with light-hearted and informative gardening information, drawings and photos. Individuals visiting our office stop, look at the bulletin board and smile.  Thank you, Colleen and Connie, for creating a welcoming entrance way at the Clayton County Extension office!


For 8 years, Connie McDonald (left) and Colleen Ammons (right) have created informative bulletin boards at UGA Extension’s Clayton County office.




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