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Did you know that a group of people, known as the Advisory Panel, contributes to the guidance and direction of the Georgia MGEV Program? 2012 Advisory Panel MeetingThis panel was first put together in September 2012 as a listening tool for the State Program Office. At the first meeting in Griffin, 16 people came together to identify the future direction for the Georgia MGEV Program. Out of the September 2012 meeting evolved a small, core group of 8 people that began meeting on a quarterly basis to provide insight to the State Coordinator.

Agents, volunteers, and program assistants contribute to the panel, and provide feedback and insight for the overall direction of the Georgia MGEV Program. Ideally, the panel represents agents, program assistants, and volunteers who work with the MGEV program, and viewpoints from all kinds of programs, such as rural, urban, and suburban; large and small programs; and high and low agent involvement. The MGEV Advisory Panel meets once per quarter at a location that is central for its participants. Half of the panelists will rotate each year so that we have continuity, representation, and good work flow. Current panelists brainstorm people who would be strategic additions to the panel, and agents are invited to nominate individuals and also to self-nominate.

An advantage of participating in the panel is being a part of new projects, like the new name badges and service awards introduced in 2014, meeting other people, gaining a broader perspective of the MGEV Program, and being able to contribute to the growth and development of the MGEV Program. [By the way, if you are interested in participating, be sure to let your Agent know or email me directly (sdorn@uga.edu)!] The Advisory Panel has contributed to recent projects that include MGLOG, the statewide recordkeeping system for MGEVs; our Policies and Procedures document; creation of new service awards for MGEVs; update of MGEV name badges, and launch of MGEV Appreciation Day on June 5, 2014.  The current panel has voiced an interest in MGEV educational project development, and we will be working together to establish guidelines for developing educational projects as well as processes for reviewing and transitioning projects.  This will also dovetail beautifully with ongoing project impact evaluation work.


Heather Kolich, ANR Agent, Forsyth (2016)

Charlotte Mote Meeks, ANR Agent, Houston (2016)

Mary Carol Sheffield, ANR Agent, Paulding (2017)

David Daniel, ANR Agent, Greene (2017)

Dot Martin, MGEV, Cherokee, and GMGA representative (2017)

Joel Hitt, MGEV, Rabun/Habersham (2017)

Sheri Dorn, State MGEV Coordinator

This Panel is important to the work of the State Program Office of the Georgia MGEV Program. It has offered strategic advice for the development of resources, such as MG SPROUTS, and helped idenitfy tools for agents and MGEVs alike. Please join me in thanking everyone who has been a part of this panel!


Amanda Tedrow, ANR Agent, Athens-Clarke

Frank Hancock, ANR Agent, Henry

Shawn Davis, MGEV, Putnam

JoAnn Allen, MGEV, Towns/Union

Judy Caines, MGEV, Towns/Union

Karol Kelly, ANR Agent, Bibb

Stephanie Butcher, ANR Agent, Coweta

WH Smith, MGEV, Coweta, and GMGA representative

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