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  • Corn:  Southern corn rust is now confirmed in 7 adjoining fields in Baker County.  I don’t think it is a coincidence that we are finding it now; development is following the rain periods of recent weeks.  I expect (stay tuned) to have more identified very soon.  Bottom line:  I think that the amount of southern […]

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  • Volunteer Peanut Control in Field Corn (Prostko) Been getting a few calls about controlling volunteer peanuts in field corn.  Remember that the volunteer peanuts that emerge from seeds that made it thru the winter and rains are some super tough plants.  A couple of thoughts: Roundup Ready Corn:  Split applications of glyphosate at least 10 […]

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  • Harvest early (or at least “on-time”) – The longer corn sits in the field in our hot, humid environment with the ever-present chance of rain in the forecast, the worse these molds will get. Encourage growers to harvest as soon as corn is ready to minimize this risk. Set fans high – smaller kernels near […]

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  • Dr. Bob Kemerait gives row crop disease update: DISEASES of PEANUT:  White mold and leaf spot aren’t breaking lose in every peanut field in Georgia, BUT hot temperatures, high humidity and frequent rains have created near-perfect conditions for the development, spread and, sometimes, explosion of these diseases.  Growers need to stay on a good fungicide […]

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  • News Release (7/16/2018) For Immediate Dissemination Contact: Dr. Michael Toews, UGA Extension Specialist on Grain Storage (mtoews@uga.edu) Update on Stored Grain Protectants: Empty Bin Treatments Centynal EC. This is a good product for treating empty bins and elevator boots.  Note that the active ingredient in Centynal EC, Defense SC and Suspend SC are identical. Defense […]

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  • By Yangxuan Liu, Adam N. Rabinowitz, and Don Shurley China announced plans to implement a 25 percent increase in import tariffs on major agricultural commodities from the United States, which includes soybeans, corn and corn products, wheat, sorghum, cotton, and tobacco and tobacco products. The overall United States export value for these agricultural commodities to China are […]

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  • Extension / Calendar / UF/UGA Corn Silage and Forage Field Day UF/UGA Corn Silage and Forage Field Day May 24, 20188:00 AM – 5:00 PM Field day highlighting corn silage and forage production research updates Additional Information Location UF Citra Research Station 700 Experiment Station Rd Lake Alfred, FL 33850 Get Directions Contact Information Cathy Felton 7063103464 feltonc@uga.edu

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  • We will be having our last production meeting on March 8th at noon. Dr. Eric Prostko, extension weed specialist, will be speaking about row crop weed control. Please call the office to RSVP.

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  • Scouting Update

    Cotton: Stink bugs are the main pest to be scouting for right now. Also be looking out for spider mites and whiteflies. These insects are important when deciding on an insecticide to spray. A good phone app to help with insecticide choice is the GA Cotton Insect Advisor App. Bacterial blight has been reported in […]

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