From healthcare providers and nonprofits to county officials and faith leaders, the 2022 Farm Stress Conference welcomes all who want to further their efforts in combatting farm stress within our communities. The goal of this event is to learn from each other, connect communities with existing resources and establish partnerships across organizations.

Key target audiences for this free event include medical providers, counselors, church leaders, extension agents, Georgia Farm Bureau members and staff, policy makers, lenders, local elected officials, county/city municipal staff, pharmacists, school system personnel, agricultural producers, and agribusiness owners/operators.

Speakers will focus on farm family health and wellness, including strategies for enhancing collaborations at the local, state and national level to cohesively support farm families as well as proven and emergning practices for combatting farmer mental health challenges.

Breakout sessions will focus on identifying and leveraging existing community resources and natural supports as well as developing a list of relevant needs.

Deadling to register is May 12. For more information, visit the 2022 Farm Stress Summit website.

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