Trending: rising prices, quick fixes, & convenience

Georgia Nutrition Council is excited to invite GNC members, administrators, retirees and guests to the 2023 GNC Annual Conference, Trending: rising prices, quick fixes, & convenience, in Valdosta, GA, February 22nd to February 24th. 

Rising prices, quick fixes, & convenience is trending, and is impossible to ignore. We have the option to either cook our dinner or have it delivered. There are now pills we can take and quick diets we can participate in to help us lose ten (10) pounds in two days. We can even choose to either pick up our groceries or have them delivered rather than stepping in to the grocery store. These trends can both positively and negatively impact the health of our communities.

Join Georgia Nutrition Council in Valdosta, GA as we gather nutrition professionals with a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, and explore ways to maintain the health of our communities in the midst of these trends.