This year we expect to see more frequent and intense storms. Any hurricane is scary and can cause significant damage. However, it only takes one to cause major harm to our city, homes, and potentially our lives. We want to be prepared for every hurricane this summer, here are some tips to help you get through Hurricane Season 2024.

June 1 marked the official start to the Atlantic Hurricane Season. The intensity of these storms traditionally pick up later in the summer as temperatures warm.

Hurricane from above. Image taken from Martin County Florida.

The Atlantic is much warmer this year than normal. Warm waters fuel hurricanes while also producing lower atmospheric pressure and creating an unstable atmosphere. We also expect to see a shift in the El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) towards La Nina during this summer. The ENSO affects the global weather patterns based on temperatures in the Pacific. This will shift the upper-level, trade winds causing an even more unstable atmosphere. These two major climate patterns are adding together to create a forecast of high hurricane activity.

What Can I Do?

Preparing for emergencies tends to be something that gets “pushed to the back-burner” for our household chores. It usually is something we don’t think about until it is time for the event to happen! This year, we are going to prepare ahead of time, beat the crowds who rush grocery stores, and ensure that we have all of the necessary items to weather the storm.

Use the buttons below to find guides, publications, and lists to help you better prepare for this hurricane season!

CodeRED and Flood maps of counties

CodeRED Emergency Notification System is a great way to get emergency notifications straight to your phone directly from your county’s Emergency Management Agency team. Sign up with the links below:

Glynn County

McIntosh County

Flood maps are used to help project potential areas of concern for flooding and storm surge. Use these to check the risk to your residence. These are updated and maintained through the Global Information Systems (GIS) teams through mapping software.

Glynn County

Any Georgia resident