April 21-27, 2024 is Volunteer Appreciation Week for the Georgia Master Gardener Program! We want to take this time to shine a light on some of our amazing volunteers and all of the hard work they put in to help better the Glynn County Extension program.

Our Master Gardeners (MG) must complete a training course that takes 42 hours of in class instruction. Following this training, they continue to learn by volunteering 50 hours alongside other, more experienced MG in their county. This year, we have two new MG trainees: Jay Warren and Suzanne Hurley. They are about a month away from completing the final class. We are so proud of them!

While they haven’t finished their training yet, they have been volunteering on their own time to help the Madge Merritt 4-H Teaching Garden succeed. Both of these MG Trainees joined our program through the monthly Meet Me in the Garden program our current MG volunteers host. Following their attendance at a program, they offered their help to maintain the garden for future programs. They enjoyed the experience so much that when a course opened in Savannah for them to attend, they jumped at the opportunity!

Our current MG volunteers include: Linda Hlozansky, Marsha Rauscher, Jerry Hardiman, Anabela Tortorell, Tina Williamson, Patty Mallicote, and Debra Stockton. Their experience as trained MG spans the last 20 years all across the state! We are so thankful to have them, their knowledge, and experience in Glynn County. They have turned the garden completely around, recruited their own set of volunteers they call the Friends of the Master Gardeners, run educational programs for 4-H students and community adults, and are excited to do more.

Our volunteers give so much to the MG program, the Glynn County Extension office, 4-H, and the Madge Merritt 4-H Teaching Garden that we can’t even begin to thank them enough. Their time, dedication, and commitment for success are immeasurable!

Thank you to those who help volunteer as Master Gardeners, Friends, and family members who have all helped out in some capacity. Our program is thriving thanks to you!