Participants showing off their “roles in the beehive” during the Honeybee Skit. Left to right: Rita Reames, Amy Schuler, Shelly Hewitt Speight, Karen Garrett, MC Halbrook, Laura Phillips, Lucretia Norman, Nancy Neylans, and Sherri

This week, we hosted a Pollinator Steward training program. Eight participants completed the course and are ready to go out into their communities and share their pollinator knowledge.

This program consisted of 28 hours of educational content. Each day we focused on different pollinators and their habitat needs. Major focus was given to Honeybees, Native Bees, Butterflies, Other Pollinators, Habitat and Landscaping, and Farming with Pollinators.

Each participant will lead a Pollinator Census August 18-19. This is a citizen science project where individuals will monitor a pollinator plant for 15 minutes and count how many times they see an insect pollinator land on their plant. This data is compiled across Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina to provide research a snapshot in time of the pollinator population sizes. If you would like to participate in a count, you can reach out to your County’s Extension Office (find your office here) or view the Pollinator Census webpage.

We plan to offer this program again in the future, so if you think that you would like to learn how to become a Pollinator Steward email M.C. Halbrook at

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