Image showing the to-do list for March Gardening
March To-Do list from Vegetable Garden Calendar Publication

It is the end of February and everyone is revving up for spring planting. It isn’t too late to get your soil tested so that you know where you stand with pH and nutrients already in the soil. These tests will provide you individualized fertilizer recommendations.

To take a soil sample, you will collect from 8-10 different spots within your growing plot. Dig about 4 inches deep to get a good scoop from where the roots will grow. Combine all in a container and bring in about 2 cups to the Extension Office. We have soil sample bags ready for you if you want to get them before you test or we can fill them when you arrive. Spring is a very busy time for the lab. Please be patient as we are expecting to receive results on the later end of the turn-around window.

Use the images below to plan your garden planting. You may also click on the images to take you to the publication they are from for more information!

Image showing Vegetable Planting Chart, planting recommendations for dates, spacing, and depth.