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What’s Up with That Sign in Your Yard?

Written by Pam Rentz, Fulton County Master Gardener Extension Volunteer When a passerby stops and asks what that sign in your yard means, it’s an opening to have a conversation about any number of topics. Native plants, birds and butterflies and bees, wildlife, water, sustainable green landscape practices, invasive species…
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Acclimate House Plants to the Outdoors

If you’re like me, you have a room of your house bursting with plants. As the weather turns warmer as we start into summer, it can be nice to bring your houseplants outdoors for the season. Many houseplants originate in tropical climates and find the bright shade and high temperatures…
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Overwatering Can Lead to Problems

If you’ve ever noticed your plants turning yellow, it’s possible you might be overwatering. Overwatering plants is a major cause of root damage and rot here in Georgia, only made worse by the constant humidity which prevents the plants from drying out. This article is adapted from the original (Randy…
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