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A Study in Scarlet

Written by Anila Nair, Fulton County Master Gardener It’s that wonderful time of the year when Mother Nature is at her very best, her coffers full of nature’s bounty, ripe for the picking by man and beast alike. Among nature’s cornucopia, if there’s anything that stands out, it has to…
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A Case Against Peat

Written by Anila Nair, Fulton County Master Gardener No, not you Pete. You’re fine. I’m talking about the humongous, plastic- clad bundles available for purchase at the big box stores, touted as the next best thing since sliced bread, or whatever it’s equivalent is in the gardening world.  Peat moss…
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Acclimate House Plants to the Outdoors

If you’re like me, you have a room of your house bursting with plants. As the weather turns warmer as we start into summer, it can be nice to bring your houseplants outdoors for the season. Many houseplants originate in tropical climates and find the bright shade and high temperatures…
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