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During the summer months, we might start to see some unwanted visitors to our yard. Snakes are common even in urban and suburban areas, especially as development continues to push into more rural and forested land.

Snakes are often active during the warmer months as they hunt and search for mates. As reptiles, they are unable to regulate their body temperatures and will often be spotted sunning themselves on a warm rock or pavement. With over 40 species of snake in Georgia, it is likely that you will encounter one of them at some point in your yard. Most snakes are lethargic and will not harm you if left undisturbed. If you want to discourage snakes from visiting or taking up residence in your yard, there are a few things you can try to make your property less appealing to them.

  • Clean up your yard- remove brush and debris that make cozy homes for snakes. Brush is also prime habitat for rodents, which snakes like to eat.
  • Inspect your home- close or fill gaps between doors, underneath steps, cracks or any other small crevice that a snake may like to inhabit.
  • Reduce food supply- do you have rodents in or around your home? These are enticing for snakes as they feed upon chipmunks, mice, rats, voles, and other small critters. Consider contacting a pest control service to reduce the population of rodents around your home in order to deter snakes.
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