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Just because earth day is only once a year, you can always continue recycling. Sometimes recycling can be fun, when you put your recycled materials to use. Last week I taught a few kids about recycling and they have been recycling all week.

This week I challenged them to create something out of their recycled materials. We decided to create a robot, and it turned out great. Try taking on this challenged and create something out of your recycled materials!

Recycled Robot Activity

Recycled Robot Activity Last week we created a recycling bin and the kids have been recycling all week! This activity is a super fun and creative way to put the materials from your recycling bin to use. All the materials used in making the robots came from the things the kids recycled and a few arts and crafts!At the end of the video, there is a short update on out plant peopleMaterials: Cereal box (Body)Plastic bottlesPlastics tops from bottles (eyes or ears) Toilet tissue rolls Construction paper Hot glue gun Crayons and markers Popsicle sticks Note: Open the cereal box carefully at the side seam and reconstruct inside out, closing the box at seam with a hot glue gun. Apply decorations and features with a permeant marker or crayons. We attached all parts of the robot with a glue gun, it tends to stay on better rather than tape or glue. Feel free to use your creativity and create your own unique robot and have fun!

Posted by UGA Extension Fulton County on Thursday, May 28, 2020

Cereal box (Body)
Plastic bottles
Plastics tops from bottles (eyes or ears) 
Toilet tissue rolls 
Construction paper 
Hot glue gun 
Crayons and markers 
Popsicle sticks