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Since experiencing nature is known to benefit student development, think about taking your class outdoors and use components of nature for teaching the traditional classroom subjects. Nature can be beneficial when teaching math, reading, social studies, and art. Spending time with nature with others helps us communicate, and gain the satisfaction of the quiet mind, and relax.

When educators take their curriculum outdoors and really allow the students to connect with nature, they can engage in dramatic play and explore freely in an unstructured setting. Since there are no pre- established rules to these activities, students often use creativity and problem- solving skills to create them.

School’s need an education that includes learning and understanding how the world is much more than human-centered and instills a curiosity about life. When educators take learning outside, it becomes symbolized and possesses greater meaning.  

Learning and connecting with nature isn’t just for students, it can be for anyone! Connecting with nature can help you find peace in your busy life while making the world a better place. Trying visiting and supporting a local state park in your area and going for a hike. Spend time each day outside observing what’s happening around you. You’ll notice things about your environment that you’ve never seen before.

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