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Selecting cattle for forage efficiency

As agriculturalists, our main goal is to produce the best and most productive crop for the least amount of money. As a cattle producer, we often make decisions about our herd by selecting genetics from a wide variety of traits including weaning weights, birth weights, milk production, average daily gain,…
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Be a good hay shopper

By Charlotte Meeks Houston County CEA When shopping for a new truck, you don’t buy just because the salesman says it’s a good deal. Most shoppers do their research, looking at body style, fuel mileage, towing capabilities, included options and a vehicle history. Shopping for hay should also be carefully…
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The amazing ruminant

By Carole Knight Bulloch County CEA It’s a match made in grazing heaven – the ruminant animal and the forage producer. No digestive system is better suited for a diet of grasses and legumes. The ruminant animal is uniquely designed to digest fibrous, high roughage feedstuffs through fermentation. An understanding…
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