While it may be warm and sunny today, a strong cold front from this past weekend will bring much cooler temperatures to the state this week. We could see an early frost, depending on your location.

Consider bringing in any house plants that were put outside for the summer and cover any new plantings to protect them, where appropriate. *Always remember to remove coverings after the threat of frost has passed.

Of course weather forecasts can change, but please keep an eye on the weather for updated low temperatures in your area to reduce cold weather impacts on your plants and crops.

Thank you to Pam Knox, Director, UGA Weather Network for sending us this weather update.

Update: 10/17/2022:

We are looking to have cold temperatures move into the area tonight, with lows in the 30s staring Tuesday. Fortunately, after this cold blast, it looks like things will warm up again, for a little bit. Unfortunately, there appears to be almost no chance of rain in the next three weeks.

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