Since we missed Aprils find, this month we have two finds to share!

Oak Leaf Blister

In the image below, you will see small yellow dots all over the leaves of this red oak. Oak Leaf Blister is a fungal disease that attacks oaks during cool wet spring weather. Red oaks are particularly prone to getting this disease.   

While it may look unsightly, oak leaf blister does not seriously impact the overall health of the tree. Leaves with numerous spots might fall to the ground prematurely, but the tree might leaf out again later in the season. In late summer, early leaf loss will have very little impact on the overall health of the tree.

To reduce plant stress, keep the tree well-watered during drought conditions and well-drained during heavy rain periods. Have your soil tested and maintain correct fertilization as indicated on your soil report.

If you find something fun, please feel free to bring it in for our feature in June.

Sample submitted by a Fayette County Homeowner. Photo: K. Toal

Kim Toal, is the Fayette County Extension Coordinator and Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources. For more information on gardening in Fayette County, contact Fayette County Extension at 770-305-5412 or online at

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