To assist with Irrigation Scheduling: here is a link to a publication which includes checkbook water use curves for cotton, corn, peanuts, and soybeans:

Let me know if you have any questions about using soil moisture and/or temperature data in Irrigator pro or SI Cotton software.


Dr. Philip Roberts discusses whitefly number increase, spider mites, and corn earworm in this “Pest Patrol” audio (3:28 minutes):

Disease update from Dr. Bob Kemerait: “Now is time for target spot.  Now is the time to be watching your fields. In a month or so target spot either didn’t matter or you missed any opportunity to protect the crop. Seeing beaucoup Stemphylium leaf spot on cotton out there. I think much is because during the very hot and very dry, we just aren’t getting the potassium from the soil into the plant. Fungicides don’t help with Stemphylium leaf spot.”

I don’t think I’ve scouted a field in Crisp without some level of spider mites, stemphylium, and/or deer damage.


Granular insecticide decisions for managing burrower bug are discussed here:

Dr. Kemerait: “Seeing white mold in peanuts now and it will be getting worse. Given our conditions, that white mold will burn bright if not treated. 

White Mold in Peanuts, Tucker Price, Cook Co, Ga, 2020

I’ve seen false white mold in Crisp, and I know white mold is out there in Crisp too.


Andrew Sawyer, UGA SE Area Pecan Agent, on pecan fruit thinning: “We have a very large crop this year, which is normal the second year following a hurricane. Fruit thinning is encouraged when 70% or more terminals have nuts. Right now, we have 90-100% terminals on most orchards and varieties. Trees cannot fill out this crop, and also this size crop can push our crop into alternation. We have a little bit of time left – maybe a week or week and a half – to fruit thin. Our current crop is about 10 days early right now. Please see this video (5:17 minutes) Wade Parker and I filmed as demonstration:

Dr. Lenny Wells discusses leaf scorch and heat damaging feeder roots here:


Dr. Kemerait: “Southern corn rust is now confirmed as far north as Morgan County. Corn at or beyond dough stage is unlikely to respond to any treatment. Corn at milk stages or younger is vulnerable. Protecting corn with a fungicide against rust is as much (or more) about protecting stalk strength as it is about protecting grain fill.”

I haven’t found Southern corn rust in the county, but since its all around us I’m sure its somewhere in Crisp. Map that updates in real time:


Dr. Kemerait: “Soybean rust is present in kudzu across the coastal plain. Got beans in Georgia?  I’d probably spray them with a fungicide at R3 early pod set if they are on the Coastal Plain or Piedmont.”

Map that updates in real time:


Virtual Summer Pasture Management Series (Aug 11-Sep 1st) via Zoom with pesticide credits for Cat. 10, 21, or 22; click here for more info: Summer Pasture Management Series Flyer 

Thanks and please let me know if there’s a field of yours I can leave boot tracks in.

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