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Aphids & Weeds in Wheat

Rome Ethredge (Grain & Soybean Agronomy) – “Aphids can cause direct feeding damage and transmit disease in small grains. Today (Jan 3, 2022), in Seminole County, I found Bird cherry-oat aphids reproducing in wheat, see the female and 6 young offspring in [photo below]. Although all aphids can potentially transmit…
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Pecan Field Day – Oct 7

Date: October 7th Time: 10:00 – 12:00 Location: Vidalia Onion Research Center (8163 Hwy 178 Lyons) Topics Include: Terra-Sorb-UGA Fertilizer Trial Insecticide Drench Trial Pecan Budmoth Efficacy and Timing Trial Drip vs. Microsprinkler Irrigation Set Up Soil Moisture Sensors Low-Input Varieties Herbicide Options for Young Trees Ambrosia Beetle Monitoring/Control If you plant to…
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May – UGA Cotton Team Newsletter

Articles in this month’s issue include: Temperature and early-season crop growth (John Snider, Gurpreet Virk, and Camp Hand) Protecting cotton from early-season diseases and nematodes – not quite the same as in your peanut crop (Bob Kemerait) Benghal dayflower aka Tropical spiderwort is already up! (Stanley Culpepper) Early season irrigation…
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