From Dr. Bob Kemerait:

“1. Southern Corn Rust–  I continue to find new “hits” of southern corn rust in South Georgia, no reports in the Piedmont or mountains.  Rust continues to be a real threat for later planted corn.  

2. Eye spot on corn –  It can look superficially like rust at quick glance and is caused by the fungus: Kabatiella zea. “Eye spot” is rarely a yield-limiting problem, but can look ugly. It is most common in the corn belt (we are in the corn show-lace) but is most problematic during cooler and wetter growing conditions.  Fungicides can be effective, but are they profitable for this disease?

Eye Spot on Corn. Jason Mallard, Screven Co, GA, 2020.

3. Asian soybean rust continues to be found, primarily in kudzu, but in some beans, across the Coastal Plain.  Should bean growers apply a fungicide at full bloom in South Georgia? I would.  North Georgia- I’d keep my eyes open.

4. Stemphylium leaf spot – saw this traveling 60 mph yesterday between T-town and Sylvester. Yellowing-reddening on this cotton is sure-sign of potassium deficiency getting started. Spots are Stemphylium leaf spot as a result. 

Stemphylium leaf spot on cotton, Dr. Bob Kemerait, SW GA, 2020.

5. Cotton- reddening and wilting (pictured below)- could be and often is Cotton leafroll dwarf virus. But may not always be.  These early symptoms most common in DG 3615, but seen in others as well. 

6. Peanuts– I haven’t seen to much leaf spot or white mold yet, but the conditions are perfect now.