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Jeremy Kichler

  • Supplemental Prowl H2O Label for Forages!!

    Dr. Patrick McCullough, UGA Forage Weed Specialist, has informed us that we have received supplemental labels for Prowl H2O (pendimethalin) that will expand uses for preemergence weed control in pastures and hayfields. Some highlights from this update for growers in Georgia include:   Labeled species now include tall fescue, orchardgrass, bromegrass, and other cool-season forage […]

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  • PGR Requirements for Cotton

    This time of year county agents and consultants receive questions about PGR management in cotton.  Below is a chart, from Dr. Jared Whitaker UGA Cotton Agronomist, that is designed to assist growers with PGR applications in cotton from a variety standpoint. Many factors are associated with PGR strategies other than variety and should be considered […]

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  • 2016 Peanut RX

    I have been getting questions about managing diseases in peanuts.  Below is a link to the new updated Peanut Rx. The Peanut Disease Risk Index, developed by researchers and Extension specialists at the University of Georgia, the University of Florida, and Auburn University, is officially known as “PEANUT Rx”. It allows growers to assess their […]

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  • Peanut Watering Requirements

    I know that some producers have had to replant peanuts in June, this article is going to focus on April and May planted peanuts.  According to Wes Porter, UGA Irrigation Specialist, peanuts (throughout the month of June) are requiring 1 to 1.75 inches per week. If you missed that first window and have just finished […]

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  • Postemerge Herbicide Options for Cotton!!

    Cotton planting is well under way in Colquitt County and overlapping residual herbicides is key to manage glyphosate resistant Palmer amaranth.  Palmer present at harvest often emerge within 17 d of planting, hence timeliness of POST 1 herbicides is critical. Palmer amaranth usually breaks through PRE herbicides between 13 and 17 day after application and […]

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  • Think About Hay Storage!!

    Below is an article about Hay Storage, by Jeremy Kichler, Colquitt County Extension agent, that was used in the March 2016 UGA Forage Team Newsletter. Hay is a big expense for cattle operations and keeping the expense down requires hay to be stored efficiently and cost effectively. A lot of hay harvested in Georgia is […]

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  • Deidre Harmon, PhD Student, The University of Georgia. Lawton Stewart, Extension Beef Specialist, The University of Georgia. What is grass tetany and why is magnesium important? Grass tetany, also known as grass staggers, magnesium (Mg) tetany, hypomagnesemia, and wheat pasture poisoning, is a nutritional disorder caused by either 1) an inadequate amount of dietary Mg, […]

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  • Winter Annual Forage Fertilization Strategies  

    Below are a few words from Dr. Dennis Hancock, UGA Forage Specialist, about the fertilization strategies for winter annual forages. Yet again, the weather is making farming a high stakes game of chance. We had a very wet end to the summer growing season (in most areas) and this resulted in the leaching out of almost […]

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  • 2016 Corn Short Course & Annual Meeting – Feb 2nd

    Date: February 2, 2016 Location: UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center HOW TO REGISTER: By Mail or Online. Mail your completed registration form with payment to Conference Office, UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center, 2360 Rainwater Road, Tifton, GA 31793-5766. Make checks payable to UGA TCCC/Corn. You may also register on-line at www.ugatiftonconference.org – click on registration […]

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  • Every year the UGA Ag Economics Department updates row crop production budgets.  Excel spreadsheet budgets for corn, peanut, grain sorghum, and soybean are available for use.  Each commodity has an irrigated and dryland budget.  If you are interested in the 2016 row crop budgets go to the link below.  Also, the Jan 2016 version of […]

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