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Very wet week possible for parts of the Southeast

The latest 7-day QPF forecast shows the potential for heavy rain this week due to the possible movement of Tropical Storm Erika (or its remains) into the region by mid-week.  Areas where Erika has already passed have seen intense rainfall, flooding and mudslides that have caused some deaths in Dominica…
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Late day update on Erika

As expected, the movement of TS Erika over Hispaniola along with vertical wind shear has caused Erika to weaken.  Hurricane forecasters now expect that it may drop below tropical storm levels and become a tropical depression tomorrow.  The circulation has tracked more to the west than the models were predicting, which…
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Ethredge: What to expect this winter

Rome Ethredge posted some notes on what to expect this winter from a recent meeting of Southeast Climate Consortium members.  You can read the original post and see some pictures from the meeting at Here are his take-away points from the meeting, based on the highly probable occurrence of a strong…
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