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Anniversary of the Atlanta floods of 2009

Many of you may remember the iconic image of the Six Flags roller coaster sitting in a pool of water caused by the tremendous flooding that occurred west of Atlanta on September 19-21, 2009.  After a week of rainy conditions, a deluge fell overnight on September 20-21, bringing 15 inches…
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World record 199-mile-long lightning bolt detected

A USA Today story reported here by notes two recent records for lightning bolts were made by the World Meteorological Organization. In the story it states “Scientists identified all-time world records for both the longest lightning bolt — nearly 200 miles — and the world’s longest-duration lightning flash — over 7 seconds — according…
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Warmer temperatures may be shifting Tornado Alley

While the number of tornadoes and tornado days has been decreasing in the historical “Tornado Alley” in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska in recent years, in so-called “Dixie Alley” in the Southeast tornado occurrences have been increasing, according to a new study published in the Journal of Applied Meteorology and…
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