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New resource guide available

A new resource guide has recently been made available by the Animal Agriculture Climate Change group that co-sponsors this blog.  It is entitled “Adapting to a Changing Climate: A Planning Guide.”  It is available online by clicking here.  This guide provides several steps that extension agents, farmers and ranchers can…
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Could land application of animal feedlot wastewater spread antibiotic-resistant bacteria?

An entry from the American Geophysical Union blog site in mid-August discusses the possibility of spreading antibiotic-resistant bacteria (ABR) through wind dispersal of land-applied animal wastewater used for irrigation in drought conditions.  You can read the blog here.  Scientists are not sure about the amount of ABR naturally occurring in…
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Southeast Cattle Advisor blog

The Southeast Cattle Advisor provides articles on a variety of information related to cattle, including market information, inputs, and decision aids.  If you have not visited their web site, you can find it at  They also provide a periodic newsletter which sends the articles directly to your email address.
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