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Spectacular display of Kelvin-Helmholtz waves

Many of my meteorology friends have posted this fantastic photo of Kelvin-Helmholtz waves over Breckenridge CO yesterday.  These clouds often form on windy days (faster wind on top of the wave versus the bottom…wind shear), when there’s a difference in densities of the air, for example, during a temperature inversion….
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Very rare tropical cyclone Chapala to hit Arabian peninsula

A rare occurrence of a tropical cyclone (equivalent to a hurricane in the Atlantic) making landfall on the Arabian peninsula is expected to occur this week as Chapala moves west towards Yemen and Oman.  Some areas of the desert countries could receive up to 8 years’ worth of rain in…
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Images of Greenland ice melt from a drone

The New York Times published some spectacular pictures of the ice melting in Greenland this summer which were taken by a drone.  You can see these images at and read more about how the video was taken at the Huffington Post here. If you are interested in why the melting of…
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