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USDA Hurricane Preparation and Recovery Commodity Guides

The USDA Southeast Climate Hub has recently expanded their list of guides for hurricane preparation and recovery. There are guides available for each state but there are also guides available for many different commodities and agricultural products in the region. The guides include livestock, forests, forage, and even beekeeping in…
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Agricultural losses in Puerto Rico from Isaias estimated at $47.5 million

Tropical Storm Isaias crossed Puerto Rico last week on its long path from the eastern Atlantic through the Northeast US, bringing strong winds and heavy rains which contributed to landslides and power outages. The island, which is still recovering from Hurricane Maria in 2017, experienced significant losses in several crops,…
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Fruit Growers News: T&G Global commercializes first climate-change resistant apple variety

Apples require relatively cool weather, so there are large parts of the Southeast where they don’t grow effectively. In Georgia, apples are grown commercially mainly in the northeast, where cooler temperatures make it easier to grow them. As the climate continued to get warmer, producers are worried about the long-term…
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