Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

Drought reductions from Hermine in some areas

As expected, the passage of Hurricane and then Tropical Storm Hermine across northern Florida and southeastern Georgia and the coastal Carolinas eliminated many abnormally dry areas and reduced drought in those regions.  However, in other parts of the Southeast, drought conditions generally remained the same as last week.  Since precipitation…
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Extreme drought reduced due to scattered rain showers

Scattered rain showers across the Southeast improved the dry conditions in the worst-hit drought areas this week.  The latest Drought Monitor shows that extreme drought was removed from northeast Georgia as well as reduced in northern Alabama and metro Atlanta.  Overall, the area of dry conditions increased slightly, mostly along…
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NOAA: Drought and La Niña updates

While we’ve been watching the drought in the Southeast, many other areas of the country are also experiencing drought.  NOAA published a country-wide overview of the drought in these regions at earlier this month. NOAA also provided an update on the current neutral conditions and the likely transition into La Niña…
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