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Soil Moisture Sensors Benefit Vegetable Growers

Vegetable and Specialty Crop News posted a story from UGA about the benefits of monitoring soil moisture by preventing overwatering by irrigation. Soil moisture sensors can be fairly inexpensive and can help prevent overirrigation, which can improve input costs. We also have soil moisture available at the UGA Weather Network…
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Farmers tackle changing climate

Changing climate is bringing more heat waves, droughts and flooding rains to the US. Farmers are on the front lines of dealing with this increasingly erratic weather and are trying to find new ways to adapt to the changing conditions by using their land management skills to their advantage to…
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Newly Identified Jet-Stream Pattern Could Imperil Global Food Supplies

Scientific American recently posted an article describing a new study that shows an increase in highly amplified jet stream patterns which can lock into place for long periods. This can lead to simultaneous droughts and associated food shortages in different parts of the world, especially important grain-producing areas. If this…
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