With all of the damage from hurricanes and tropical storms this year, extension agents and others are scrambling to keep on top of the post-storm studies of losses due to heavy rain and high winds. The latest storm, Eta, is no exception. The heavy rain from Eta hit southern Florida right when production of fresh vegetables for Thanksgiving was near peak, and agents are still trying to determine what the losses there are. You can read more about it and hear from a local farmer at Vegetable and Specialty Crop News at https://vscnews.com/uf-damages-eta/.

Cooper Hopkins, a manager at Hundley Farms in Belle Glade, surveys the damage done to his cabbage crop by Tropical Storm Eta. The farm lost over 500 acres of Beans, Radishes, sweet corn and cabbages due to flood water created by a month of rain including Tropical Storm Eta. (Carline Jean / South Florida Sun Sentinel)