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Monsoon returns late to India

NASA released a satellite time-lapse video earlier this week showing this year’s return of the monsoon rains to India.  You can view it at  The official start of the monsoon season this year was June 5, a little later than usual.  A strong heat wave in the days before…
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National Weather Service and EDEN: Heat safety information

Now that summer is well and truly underway, it’s a good idea to review the safety information for heat-related illnesses.  The National Weather Service has provided a handy guide at  This information is important for anyone who works with kids outside as well as those who are managing outdoor workers…
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FAQs on climate variability and climate change in Florida

The Florida Climate Institute has a page of FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) available on the topics of climate variability and climate change in Florida and the Southeast.  While some of the answers are specific to Florida, many of them are applicable across the Southeast.  You can find them at They…
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