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New study shows human influences increase the amplitude of seasonal cycle

AgWeb posted an interesting article this week on a new study published by scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on trends in the seasonal cycle of temperatures around the globe. The work used a new technique called “fingerprinting” which allowed them to separate out the effects of natural climate variability…
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Georgia Climate Project: Coastal biodiversity, economy and ecosystems

This week’s question from the Georgia Climate Project’s Roadmap discusses how climate change will affect Georgia’s coasts. The coasts are an important economic resource for Georgia, including the effects of tourism, fishing, and the value of biodiversity in coastal ecosystems. They are increasingly faced with problems from sea level rise…
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New report on Indiana’s agriculture and impacts from climate change available

Purdue University has just released a new report which describes the impacts of changing climate on agriculture in Indiana, which like much of the Southeast is heavily invested in growing crops and livestock for food and other uses. While climate changes in the Southeast have been more subtle than those…
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