I’m a day late with the weekly precipitation forecast because I have been traveling to Baltimore to attend the annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society. Imagine over 6,000 meteorologists, hydrologists, and other earth scientists getting together to talk science, weather, climate, and society! We are proud of our UGA Atmospheric Science students for providing official weather briefings two days this week. Here in Baltimore we received a little rain this evening from the storm that is just moving out of the Southeast. This will bring a little more precipitation to the northeastern parts of the region early in the week. This will be followed by two days of mainly dry weather, then the next system will move along a path from NW to SE along the Gulf Coast. This will bring more rain to southern AL and GA but most will fall in Florida and almost none in the Carolinas. Temperatures should be fairly cool for the next few days after the passage of the latest cold front but will be slowly rising later this week.

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